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Zakaria: "Juve is a club that has always made me dream."

Juve is a club that has always made me dream. My father's favorite team was Juve and I know a lot about the history of this club.

First impressions are great, Juve has great quality, for me it's a big step forward. I didn't have time to talk to Lichtsteiner before making this choice, it all happened so quickly. But I will certainly hear from him.

Improve in the scoring phase? Yes, I think it could be a further step of growth. I love playing aggressively, recovering balls, and I think I'm a fairly complete player.

Being sought after by Juve doesn't happen every day, I took the opportunity.

I'm fine physically, I've already done two training sessions with Juve. If the coach needs me, I'm ready. I spoke to Allegri, he told me what he expects from me. For the moment we haven't gone into tactical details.

Pogba? I hope to have the same success as he has had here.