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Why would Dybala be a problem?

Is Dybala a problem? We need to start asking ourselves this question, not because we think he is a problem, but because the club wants us to think so. What makes it even more confusing is the fact that Dybala got the number 10 and was hailed as the "modern" Del Piero.

Discussions on a new contract seem to have been going on for years now. Everything has changed since the summer of 2019. There is clearly tension between Dybala and the club. The news that we were close to a Lukaku-Dybala deal made the fans angry. But is that not possible now? Not for Lukaku of course, but the clubs with interest are definitely there.

This whole situation divides the fan base. The first discussion is about the contract, it is reported that he is asking 15mln euro per season. Is he worth it? Some think so and some think not. Juventus doesn't want to go beyond 10+2mln euro bonus.

But perhaps the greatest debate are his achievements in Europe. So let us look at his numbers in Europe.

These are not terribly bad numbers at first sight, but if you take a closer look, there is something you can debate. The biggest question mark is 'when were all these goals scored'?

The involvement in the group phase is a goal/assist every 151 minutes. With him stepping up in the last 2 seasons when Ronaldo was suspended (Young Boys). The weird thing is that he struggles to give assists, he got all the tools to put players in front of goal.

Where the great debate begins is in the Knock Out phase. The last seasons Dybala has had a difficult time. From injuries to suspensions to strange positions and new trainers, his involvement in these games is non-existent. The involvement in the knock out phase is a goal/assist every 208 minutes.