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Why did Juventus sign Arthur Vidal?

I bet you are reading the title of the article and assuming it is a typo, but it is not. Presenting to you, Juventus’ new utility midfielder and jack of all trades, Arthur Vidal.

If I haven’t sold you on Arthur, who shares a name with this guy:

Then maybe I should mention some of the drama that surrounds him. It was reported that Arthur at first did not want to come to Juventus. It was then reported that Barcelona were forcing him to accept the deal that would see Pjanic head to Juventus and Arthur to Juventus. Eventually, Arthur accepted and the parties finalized the deal. As the situation progressed, which was clearly not the healthiest of relationships, Arthur then refused to play for Barca for the remainder of the season; eventually coming to a resolution with Barca to start training with Juventus earlier than expected. The list does not end there, Arthur was involved in a few other incidents as described by AS. ( According to the article, Barcelona outcast Arthur caught drink driving after Ferrari crash, Arthur was also went on a snowboarding trip in February, while injured, and also attended Neymar’s birthday, days before El Clasico.