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At Continassa, they don't seem to be in such a hurry to close the circle around Wojciech Szczesny's new deputy. But this does not mean that Federico Cherubini and the market team prefer to hide in a corner waiting for better times. The names on the notebook of the Juventus management are known, others will appear in a short time, but attention to a possibility that until a few days ago seemed improbable just for the fact that there are two historically rival clubs: the Bianconeri and Torino. The opposite is not so obvious either, that is to say, an automatic transfer because all the parties involved would be happy with such a hypothesis, but the fact that from the Continassa don't stop ringing potentially tempting sirens in the ears of Salvatore Sirigu's entourage makes one think.

It makes us think that in the apparent stalemate in which the destiny of the number 39 Granata is wrapped, for now, we can see signs of a new perspective. Not necessarily with a Juventus scent, because in the meantime Cagliari is always a strong argument among the temptations surrounding the goalkeeper from Nuoro (less so Genoa as long as Mattia Perin remains in pole position for the red-blue goal), but in agreement with Massimiliano Allegri, it is pointed out that the replacement of an institution like Gigi Buffon must necessarily pass through the purchase of a great substitute. Great - of course - in reliability and self-confidence, as well as in the desire to try out new experiences: this seems to be the perfect identikit of Sirigu, who at 34 years of age would not say no to the concrete hypothesis of a departure, while Toro - who pay him about two million in salary with bonuses - would not give up anything to keep him. There is a contract until 2022 that will be difficult to renew, there is a future to be written as soon as possible to avoid discussions. For the Granata, the sale of the former Paris Saint-Germain player would be a bargain, given that Urbano Cairo took Sirigu at no cost in 2017, but the president remains convinced of the opportunity not to release the player by cashing in the right amount. However, at the same time, he risks keeping an element with a destiny that must be changed because a cycle ended long ago.

The Juventus search for a goalkeeper ready to be used also passes through the soundings conducted through intermediaries for the Colombian David Ospina 88, bound to Naples until 2022, and that the same club wants to sell at figures considered out of the market. Sergio Romero is instead a class '87 and with Manchester United has recently concluded an experience lasted six years. He has a double Italian-Argentinean passport, so he would be easily joinable by the Bianconeri, but he would occupy a place in the list unlike - for example - Antonio Mirante, 38 years old in July, just back from a season-ending in decline and already on the notebook of Torino. He has grown up in Juve's youth sector, he has even made a few appearances in the first team (7 in the B team in 2006-07), he would probably be happy to return to Juve if it were not for the fact that when he has been proposed several times in the past few years the answer has always been the same: no, thanks.

It seems a vague idea at the moment, but in the meantime some whispers of the Bologna market are beginning to launch the potential candidacy of Lukasz Skorupski, 30 years old, a teammate of Szczesny in the Polish national team and linked to the club by a contract expiring on June 30, 2023. The red and blue club are currently carrying out in-depth evaluations on the ex-Roma player and possible replacements. By the way, who would be on the list of technical director Walter Sabatini? Sirigu, among others. New crossovers ins