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Who is Federico Cherubini?

After being the general manager of Foligno, Marotta and Paratici called him to join Sampdoria in the past. Now he is the Football Director reporting direclty to Paratici.

Cherubini has a long experience in football that starts on the amateur fields to arrives at Foligno, his first professional football job. After being the captain of the club in the past, he became the manager of the club and almost got promoted to Serie B. Those were the years in which he he had good relations with Sampdoria, where at the time there were Marotta and Paratici. He had the chance to join Sampdoria or go to Perugia but Cherubini stayed at Foligno.

Then came the call from Juventus, in the summer of 2012 he becomes a Juventus manager. Initially Cherubini took care of the youth teams and the players on loan in Serie B and C, but gradually moved up the chain, becoming the first Juve U23 coordinator and recently deputy head of the technical area.

Now Cherubini will work close with Paratici to improve and manage the first team. After almost 2 years Paratici is getting help.