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Where have you been Federico Bernardeschi

Attention Attention, Federico Bernadeschi the Juventus midfielder who has been lost on the pitch for most of the 2021 Serie A season maybe has found a way to salvage his season and make his detractors have some confidence in the play.

In what was probably his best match of the 2021 season, he came off the bench in the second half vs Spezia, and played with a lot of confidence which has been lacking in most games he has started this season. The man who was lost in games played with a sense of purpose flying down the games, and assisted on both Juventus goals, in a game where they looked lost in the first half lacking no style and passion.

His main flaw has been the inability to get into a rhythm, and just maybe he has found his groove. One of the main arguments in his defense, amongst some people, has been he has been playing out of position.

This past year he declined many transfer transactions, as Juve tried to move in for better options but he declined. Andrea Pirlo has been criticized this season for starting him this season in many games, as he has had better opportunities off the bench. Well, this game might just be Bernadeschi's coming out party to install confidence in himself and Andrea Pirlo and the other team that he belongs in the lineup, and can turn his season around and put the detractors to rest.