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What went wrong: Defrel goal.

Locatelli can recieve the ball freely in midfield, can run forward and look for the his teammate without any pressure. The striker (Defrel) near Bonucci.

Picture: Juventus tv.

Locatelli can play the ball to Traorè, while being surrounded by 3 midfielders (Ramsey, Arthur and Rabiot).

No midfielder will put pressure on the player in possession (Locatelli).

Demiral wants to get in to close the pass line to Defrel. As a result, he is briefly out of position.

Picture: Juventus tv.

Traorè plays the ball to Defrel. Because Demiral had just stepped out of his position, he now wants to quickly take up his position again and walks backwards. Defrel stays on his spot to get free, Bonucci sees this and reamins on the same position. Through the run move of Demiral the Defrel can recieve the ball.

Picture: Juventus tv.

Between the two defenders, Defrel makes a ball control to put himself in front of the goalkeeper. Bonucci tries to return but to late.

In this phase the goal is mainly due to the wrong position of Demiral.