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Bernardeschi continues to be a liability, whether it is his continual lack of finishing or his notable absence linking up with his teammates, it remains a downside to todays performance. For most of the game, I didn’t even notice he was playing.

Ball possession It was not pretty for most of the the first half especially. Bologna held the ball comfortably and most Juve attacks were counters. Only until around the 60th minute can we say Juve established control.

Cuadrado was a welcome addition back into the squad. He was constantly making dangerous runs and establishing chances. Also, he tracked back a lot and was all over the pitch. He looked like a player that was hungry to get back there and his performance showed that and we sure did miss him. Due to that energy, he almost scored on both ends of the pitch on bologna's goal and almost on our own goal.

Kulusevski continues to lack a bit of decisveness in final third, giving away passes very easily. However, he is gaining experience the more he is out there and will learn to connect with others around him.

The defense gained confidence as the game went on. Still Bologna managed to put in some dangerous crosses that would have been put away by a lethal striker. By the end of the game Juve held well defensively and was orderly. Good to see De Ligt back again as well.

This was yet another game in which Szczęsny was key. He had multiple difficult saves to make and took care of those situations effectively. It was a game where a shutout had a lot to do with the goalkeeper performance. These shutouts win games.

Mckennie continues to shine. No doubt in anyone’s mind now that he will be signed permanently. This was another game in we which gained even more appreciation for his presence on the pitch. On top of his great work rates today, he capped it off with another goal coming from a corner. Serie A, Uefa opponents take notice, the Texas boy is a real threat on any corner.