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What we learned from the Second Leg of Juventus vs Inter

This was largely a type of game that we somewhat expected. Juve defending a lead did just that. However, they did it very well, with Inter not really penetrating the Juve box as they had hoped. While Inter did have most of its lineup, suspended players back in the lineup, they were shutout again. Lukaku wasn't an influence at all. The few chances Inter did have were reserved to swing/miss opportunities that often got blocked by a great defensive performance, this time by the young guns Demiral and De Ligt. The same goes for Lautaro and others, besides one run that Hakimi made at Sandro that forced a yellow, there wasn't much danger on the wings either.

Despite the lack of finishing from Inter, there was also surprisingly a lack of finishing from Juve and in particular Ronaldo. Every shot Ronaldo made at goal was either blocked or saved by Handanovic, one shot that stood out was the one after he had gotten a nice setup to pass from McKennie that usually Ronaldo doesn't miss. Another amazing chance presented itself when Ronaldo did a few stopovers and cut inside and shooting near post, forcing yet another save by Handanovic. Same as Ronaldo I held my hands above my head in disbelief at the missed opportunities largely driven by Ronaldo himself. Outside of him, there was little if anything going on upfront, Kulusevski was relatively quiet, as was Bernardeschi.

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