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Bianconeri Zone Player of 2020: What has the impact of Cristiano Ronaldo been on Juventus.

By Yusuf Nakhooda

As Ronaldo goes so goes Juventus. He is the straw that stirs the drink.

Just this past week he won the best player award at the World Football awards in Dubai. His impact for the Old Lady's fortunes this year are immense. Juventus sits 10 points behind rival AC Milan as the second half begins on January 3. All hope is not lost. As there is lots of futbol to be played from now until May. It has been said this is where champions rise, and I accept Ronaldo to lead the charge as the second half of the season resumes.

Ronaldo has scored 12 goals so far this season in Serie a, and has added 4 more in the Champions League.

There has been rumour that Juventus should sell Juventus as his salary is quite high to bring in younger talent.

But with the advent of Covid that might not happen this year.

When Ronaldo is in the lineup his partnership with Morata has been amazing. They seem to click at the right time and score goals in bunches. Morata is the champions league scoring machine, bagging 6 goals so far.

With Ronaldo on the pitch, Juve moves the ball quicker and plays a much up tempo game, with quick passes and crisp movement.

On the end of the coin many have said Dybala just looks lost out there with Ronaldo. Are two strikers on the pitch too much. Ronaldo brings the passion when he is on the pitch, and the team plays much better and a sense of urgency .

When Ronaldo was purchased by Juventus, nobody believed it including me. He just brings something to the game that is unheard of . With the Transfer market ready to resume this week, Juventus needs a midfielder and a striker to compliment Ronaldo and Andrea Pirlo's parts to jell as Ronaldo can't do it all on his own.

Juventus does rely on him too much at times, but he is use to that but a supporting cast is needed to progress further as their depth will b tested in Champions League as