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We definitely have to do things differently from the last game. You have to be focused from the first minute, it takes courage. We have a strong team, we've shown that in other games.

We are lucky to play three days after the bad night in San Siro. We play against a strong opponent and we can show, not “what we want” but “what we are.

We're not looking for alibis or excuses. We have a competitive squad with players who want to do well. It's clear that we're short with many injured players, but we have those who can replace them to win tomorrow.

We're certainly the first to be disappointed with the result and the performance on Sunday. We weren't up to it, it wasn't a Juventus performance. Tomorrow we can show that we are champions and that we are up for it.

Throughout this season we've had these problems of injuries. But we are prepared, Chiellini is back, Bonucci and the others. We have to bring another trophy home for the history of Juventus.

I think we have shown solidity. It's true that on a few occasions we didn't do well, but there's a huge desire to work and improve. It's not easy to play every three days.

The matches against AC Milan and Barcelona are two excellent reference points in terms of performance, play and attitude.

We are disappointed, but no excuses. We know we didn't do well, but we are working to make sure it doesn't happen again. We have to improve but the team has the will to do so.