We want the tenth Scudetto in a row.

Szczesny spoke ahead of our Serie A game this sunday against Napoli.

"Against Roma we showed character, we did not play very well but outnumbered we managed to equalize against a very strong team. These points at the end of the season are needed and also needed for the test of character."

"Napoli are very strong, have clear ideas and play very well. After the lockdown they were one of the strongest teams, they got off to a great start again this year."

"We have fun with Pirlo, he wants us to take the game in hand with a lot of possesion and therefore we have a lot of fun. The important thing is to find the right balance to bring home the results and we will succeed."

"We have won 9 Scudetto in a row, we want the tenth in a row. But there are many teams and it won't be easy. Surely there is Inter, Napoli, Atalanta: they seem to be the strongest teams. They are all difficult opponents and it will be a balanced championship."



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