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"We want the Coppa Italia"

It's an important game, the Coppa Italia starts. At the beginning nobody seems to care about it, then when the rounds go on, everyone likes to play them. In order to go all the way we have to win tomorrow night's game.

We've seen a few games, Genoa changed their aggression, raised their backline. They seem to have more energy. It will be a difficult, hard-fought game that we have to win to continue in the Coppa.

They will come to defend well, with a five-man line and then they will go on the counter-attack. We've seen it on the video and we're preparing as best we can for tomorrow night.

We'll assess who's fit tomorrow. Chiellini will be back, he's been training with us for some time. Gigi will start from the beginning. We'll assess the others in the morning.

The last 3 games? We had to start well after the defeat against Fiorentina, so we made it clear what our objectives were. We started of trying to think only of ourselves and to win games.

What improved? The determination, the desire to bring home the result in any way, the concentration, not to have ups and downs during the game even if it happens occasionally, but then we pull ourselves together and we know we have to reach the final goal...winning.

Apart from Fiorentina, we had also played well in previous games, with good intensity. The match against Fiorentina was a thunderbolt. It happens with a lot of games, but we started again, we regrouped and we're here.

(Source: JTV)