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First of all, he will have to play as Juve, as we have been doing in recent games. We can go to a final, a goal we must achieve at all costs. It will be a tough game, a battle. But we are ready to face it at our best.

We must start with the attitude of thinking the game is still 0-0, because we can't think about the first leg victory, it's like a final. The attitude must be that of an aggressive team that knows what it wants. The goal is too big to let it slip away.

Inter are an organised team, we know very well. And we also know the coach very well. They've got Lukaku and Hakimi back, who are fundamental to their game development.

The group is recovering. Apart from a few pains we'll assess day by day. Gigi Buffon is back in goal and Kulusevski will play from the first minute.

I am reassured by the mental aspect. We're very positive, we believe in what we're doing and that's a good starting point. We have clear objectives in mind that we want to achieve and we're working on that.

The defeats have convinced us that we can do many things, we have quality in the group, 23 starters who can play in any game.

We are much more compact, we play as a team, we run for each other and help each other in every situation. It gets you results. Not conceding a goal is not just down to the defence, it's down to the whole team, the whole attitude.

We're fine, naturally a bit of physical and mental tiredness, but we knew at the beginning of the season that it would be long and tiring. Now we're in the middle of some important and close matches, we have to tighten up and recover as much as possible.