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We're under construction but we'll be back in front soon.

We're a young team that has to work. We've done very little in these months, times have been short. Young people have to gain experience and they are doing it.

We have done little work on the mechanisms. It's the team we have, young but with quality. We're under construction, we need time. The boys need time, they need to make mistakes, the problem is they need to do this in games that already count.

We tried very little, on Thursday the boys came back from the national teams. Yesterday we had our first training session all together. On the right side, when we had to defend, we made a few mistakes in pressing, maybe Chiesa came out on the middle third instead of the outside. We worked half an hour on this and we didn't mix the mechanisms. It takes time and we all need to work together.

Dejan must find his position, he can star central, centre left, wide. It depends where we find superiority on the field. He did it well with Chiesa.

Arthur has Spanish football characteristics, his football is playing short and maybe a little in front. He takes too many touches, he touches the ball too much, he could speed up hid game. But it was his first game.

Dybala trained yesterday 10 minutes, he came from an intestinal virus, there was no chance to give him some minutes. It wasn't the ideal match for him to play .

Ronaldo? Well, unfortunately he's at home. The important thing is that he is well.

Scudetto? There will be many teams fighting for the title, they have equipped themselves for this. It's better to get points than leave them on the streets. We're losing few, but we're under construction and we'll be back in front soon.