We mustn't be afraid to play openly.

We are waiting for the results of the swabs to see if there are any more positives. We'll know in the afternoon.

It's a special game for me, it's the first time I've faced AC Milan as a coach. It will be great to play.

Dybala is well enough, he had a slight fever yesterday. He should be in the game barring anything unforeseen.

We know the importance of tomorrow's match. We will play our game and do our best. It will be very important, but not decisive.

Rabiot is finally back, Arthur is doing much better, there was blood inside his leg. He'll be available tomorrow, but we'll evaluate him on the basis of the swabs' analysis.

We have to be careful, they are very good at recovering the ball and they attack quickly. They go into space and get to the goal with 2/3 passes. We have to be good technically not to suffer their counter-attacks.

We tried to exploit Cristiano's characteristics in the last 30 metres. He has been decisive everywhere, it's normal. We are happy to have him in the team.

We saw Danilo's style of play at the start of the season. It's not a surprise, we knew we could count on him, he's a very intelligent player and that's why he can play in multiple positions on the pitch.

A difficult game, Milan haven't lost for over a year. They're in first place and they're the team to beat. We'll play our game, we'll try to impose our play. We mustn't be afraid to play openly because these are the good games to play.

Covid? We are going to play, it has happened to other teams and they have always played. We mustn't have alibis, we'll find 11 players for tomorrow. We don't have any problems and we're not afraid to go to the San Siro and play.

Morata is recovering, he's having physiotherapy. We don't know in how many days he'll be back and we'll assess with the doctors when he'll be back on the pitch.

Chiellini and Demiral have recovered, they don't have the pace for 90 minutes but they're available.

The ranking always reflects the values of the championship. We play game after game to move up the rankings, looking only at ourselves. We will see in April where we will be.

I want to see a Juve convinced of their strength, of being able to play the game we have in mind against a Milan side that are in good shape. It will be a very tactical game but we must have the awareness to command the game at San Siro.

We have to think match by match: Milan or Benevento are always 3 points up for grabs. You can't rest for a second.

We have our minds set on playing tomorrow, then based on the test results we'll decide what formation to put on the field. Our head is set on having a great performance tomorrow.

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