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We'll have to come up with something to put the best team on the pitch

Lazio is a great team that has been playing together for five or six years, they have a well-defined game. They have achieved great results, we know we are facing a team that will fight to get to the top and we know it won't be easy.

All the games are important, now we will play Lazio and then we think about Porto. The present is tomorrow and we must concentrate on winning.

Some players trained with the team this morning, but we still have a day to try and get some of them back. It's a shame about Bentancur, we don't have much choice and we'll have to come up with something to put the best team on the pitch.

De Ligt hasn't trained yet, he picked up the bruise in Verona and we'll see how he is tomorrow. Bonucci trained a bit today, he's coming from 16 days of inactivity. Morata is better, he's trying to increase his fitness.

Arthur's visit yesterday went well, the pain is less and we hope he can help us in the next games.

McKennie didn't surprise me because we chose him for his characteristics, we followed him at Schalke and we knew he had that kind of play. Now that he has been redeemed he must think that this is just a starting point.

I haven't read Sacchi's words, but the youngsters have settled in well and I don't think they are the problem. In fact, they are doing more than expected. The veterans are making their contribution as always and helping the youngsters to settle in.

When you play a lot of games, a day off is good, but now we are with few and he has gritted his teeth. Cristiano has shown that he is a great professional on and off the pitch and he will prove it until the end.

If there is an outbreak within the club or at Spezia we don't know, we will know after the next tests.

Ramsey is well, he can play. He is an extra asset and we will need him.

Fagioli may or may not start, it will depend on who we have available tomorrow. He could have started the other night but then he had a problem. He's training well and he's confident in his ability.

All the games are important. We're going through a tough and important period, but if I have to hear that we lack grinta, I don't think that's right. I see things from a different perspective, especially from a technical and tactical point of view.

If Inter wins every Sunday, they will win the championship. If they take a few false steps, we will have to be good at recovering ground.

We are competing on all fronts, as long as there is hope we will have to give our all to try to win the championship. If the others are better and never make a mistake, we will congratulate them at the end.