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A few weeks wasn't us and it served as a lesson for us. We regrouped, worked on the mistakes and the wins is the result. It was round one, we won round one but nothing is done. We are waiting for the return.

We know that if we concentrate, play with this attitude, it becomes hard for everyone. Our strengths must show every time. But it’s not easy to keep up with this pace every three days.

It's normal that when you go out in a game like this. Let's think about the Serie A, Saturday is an important match and it was useful to preserve him.

The lads were convinced they would play this type game, whoever plays. We have a squad full of champions, whether Bonucci or Demiral plays should not affect us. We faced Inter with the right attitude, we went down but the team reacted.

There is no contract that says Ronaldo can’t be subbed. He knows he is a key part of the team. But he has to be on top all the time. He's shown that with his performances after a bit of criticism.

I told Ronaldo he had to come off, we have an important match on Saturday. He's playing so many games in a row, every now and then it's good to have a rest.

We have a big squad, I don't have a problem playing one or the other. I decide the formation based on the moment of form.

Inter deserve credit, for the 2nd half. We lowered our line but it's normal. It's difficult to be so aggressive for 90min every 3 days.

The turning point was the SuperCoppa, that was the fundamental match. It reignited us. Seeing a cup to raise gave us great strength, especially after the bad defeat three days before at San Siro. It made us understand that we are still strong.

Tough cycle started in September, we played every 3 days. In February there will be important games, at the top, the Champions League. Let's think about one game at a time and then we'll see where we stand.

Bentancur is playing with a hole in his foot. He will be disqualified on Saturday and will be able to recover.