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Tomorrow night we have to be careful. We will take the field to win and with the knowledge that Porto is not coming to just defend the result.

Demiral is gaining more and more confidence. He has shown that he is an important part of the team, he is positive for the whole group".

I'm like a player coming off a month and a half of forced rest. It will depend on the coach if I play.

We will take the field with the spirit that distinguishes Juventus and the knowledge that we can achieve a great result.

The victory on Saturday gives great enthusiasm, when you win you work better. I expected this of Chiesa, he plays without any kind of pressure. He's genuine and spontaneous. He understands how to wear this shirt.

We have to be very patient, we must not run the risk of getting carried away.

Ronaldo is always charged up when these games come up. If it were up to him he would only play Champions League games.