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We had a very good approach to the game, it was important because after not qualifying the other night we had to start off on the right foot, make a decisive impact on the game and we did that in the best possible way.

Danilo is an intelligent player, who knows how to do many things, everywhere on the field. He always manages to play his game, now we tried him in this position because he has the qualities to play in the middle of the field.

Red for Ronaldo? No, because, he looked at the ball, so he did not realize he went against the goalkeeper.

When it's 3-0 it's normal that you get down a little bit, we lacked a little bit of strength, both physical and mentally, but the game was under control.

Ronaldo was angry as the whole team was angry this week, because not being able to qualify brought sadness within the whole group, but he didn't speak because he had already spoken on the pitch, scoring three goals and putting in a great performance.

We got Morata back from the start because he came back from an injury, then had a virus, so we didn't have the availability to field him. Now that he is well we can play him, when we play with two forwards then our game becomes much better.

Win them all? That's what we're here for. We're here to work and try to achieve something. We just have to win and hope that Inter loses a few games. We have to win them all.