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Tomorrow's game comes before a break, so we have to be careful not to get distracted. For our path, winning is fundamental. Benevento knows how to play well and I know the coach well.

Let's hope for a speedy recovery from Dybala. Buffon is doing better, we'll see tomorrow. Not available are: Ramsey, Demiral, and Sandro.

It is our duty to put pressure on Inter. We can only do that by winning. They don't play, we have the opportunity to get closer. It depends on us. We have to bring home the three points.

I want to see growth in the game, now we will have more time to work on certain mechanisms. We will focus even more on that, we will have everyone available and we will work on improving the quality of our game.

Ronaldo still has 1 year left on his contract and we are happy if he continues with us. Now we have to focus on finishing the season in the best possible way.

I haven't heard from Inzaghi. He's having a very good season, he had a great year last year. He's proving to be a good coach.

Morata is fine, he recovered well after the last game. In Cagliari maybe he was a bit tired, tomorrow he will start from the beginning like Kulusevski.

I was convinced by Cagliari's set-up, I had no doubts. If everyone sacrifices themselves in the two phases, everything becomes easier.

I always talk to the team. We analyze the moment and plan the future. We have to win as many games as possible, focus on oursselevs. We can win them all and by doing that we put pressure on those in front of us.

The team knows they can make up points. It will depend on us doing our job every Sunday.

We were informed about the postponement of the Inter game. We accepted as we have always accepted all decisions. We went to play while having players out with COVID, this time the ASL intervened and it was done differently.

With the break in between, Inter has a chance to recover players... they were lucky in this regard.

An Italian team hasn't won in Europe for more than 10 years. We've talked about it with the club and the directors because we need to have a project and prepare for the future not only of Juventus but of Italian football to return to high levels.

We have to think about winning all the games, hoping that those in front lose points on the way. Our goal is to win them all, to try to get to a title game on the second last game against Inter.