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We have regained enthusiasm, we have regrouped, the defensive phase is now much more balanced.

Playing on the counter? In the future, we may have to repeat a game like tonight's because you play every 3 days and you don't always have the strength to go and press the opponent in their half.

We had prepared for this type of match, it was difficult to play Roma with intensity.

They left a lot of space, we did well defensively. It's difficult to be aggressive against Roma, but when we were we did well. We played the same game as Roma did in the first leg, we studied that match.

Chiellini is doing what we knew he would do, he's playing as well as anyone.

I've always felt part of the group, they've given me availability and you can see it in the attitude in these types of games where you have to be humble and run a lot.

When you have this attitude the results come more easily. We're trying to improve and we're at a good point, we have a competitive squad and we showed that in the Coppa Italia match against Inter.

I've grown because matches make you grow, defeats also. Every little thing, being at the start, serves to improve. I have a great team and a club that follows me. I've learned a lot of things, not all games are the same.