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Argument with Antonio Conte

There is little to add, the images speak clearly: what happened is bad, but it is not for me to judge why it happened or what should have been done. Obviously, we must always be an example, but sometimes it is difficult," said the Juventus defender. When you take the field, the environmental situation doesn't make you think. In a sport where the stakes are high, it can happen that you run into an unpleasant situation.

Win over Inter in the Coppa Italia

It's a small step towards another goal, which is to bring home the trophy. It will be difficult because Atalanta has been one of the best Italian teams for years now, they've shown it in Europe too. For the group, it's the umpteenth confirmation that after the Milan game against Inter something different has clicked in us as a team and as individuals. And this gives us hope.

Gatusso the coach

I was lucky enough to be coached by Gattuso at AC Milan, he helped me a lot, he's a great coach. I don't think they're a team in crisis. They've had some difficulties and they'll have some absences, but we have to stay focused on the goal, which is the three points, to continue with the same attitude in the chase that we've undertaken.

Napoli game

We will have to pay a lot of attention, Napoli will change compared to the Super Cup because I think Osimhen will play and therefore they will attack deeper than when Petagna played. We will need to pay attention to all the details, we have an obligation to win.