It will be a game against a team that plays well, we have to be preventive with our midfielders and defenders and try to make few mistakes to avoid letting them get away on the counter-attack.

We improved a lot from a mental point of view, the defeat at the San Siro helped us. If we're not at our best, it's difficult to play against anyone. We can always improve, but unfortunately we don't have much time to train and review our mistakes.

Dybala did something alone in training. Ramsey did something with us. But they are not available yet.

In the first game we didn't send McKennie to corners and we let Kulusevski take the spot kicks. If you haven't had friendlies to discover these things, you need the other games to discover them.

It's difficult to find perfection. We're trying to work on improving ourselves, we've found our way of playing. Sometimes we build up with three players and sometimes with four.

I knew Ronaldo was a professional, but to see him train every day was a surprise because he has great passion, he enjoys himself and at 36 years old when you have broken all the records and you still have this motivation it means you are a hero.

We are at 70-80%, we have almost the whole squad available. I also have the possibility to choose according to what the opponents can put on the pitch. We didn't have Sandro at Roma and I put Cuadrado on the left side because I didn't know him and it didn't work out.

We have to look at ourselves, we load ourselves up with adrenaline and we must never lack the ambition to want to win. We start again with great determination because if you want to win, ambition must never be lacking.

I have four centre-backs who can play any kind of game, as well as full-backs. Luckily for me, I can choose according to the opponent.

Nothing will change without Dzeko because Mayoral will be there. Dzeko is a great player but for their type of game not much will change.

Chiellini and deLigt can play together, as can Bonucci and Demiral. The pairs are not fixed, they vary according to what we want to do, the opponent and how they are physically. They are four players of the highest level who can coexist.

Bentancur has an important role, he started off a bit underwhelming but he gave a lot last year without resting. In training camp he was a little tired physically and mentally, now we have found the Bentancur we knew.

The others have had many matches too. We have a big, high-level squad, the turnover can be an opportunity and we'll do it tomorrow because I'm lucky enough to be able to choose.

With the sacrifice of everyone and the will to win until the last second, we know we can be strong again.

Chiellini helps a lot on the mental side, he's used to winning and knows what it means to sacrifice, to fight, to grit your teeth.

We have to try not to lose balls in the middle of the pitch because they start on the counter-attack and attack the space well. We've been working on this.

Inter, Milan, Roma, Atalanta... they're all well-equipped and many of them can aspire to win the Scudetto. Roma have had difficulties, Fonseca has been criticised but he's there and has shown he knows how to work. I have great respect for him.

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