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Pirlo talks to DAZN after another disappointing result.

We took the lead, then we let ourselves be caught. In the second half, we thought we were playing a different game. Mistakes that are happening too often. We have to improve. The goal is to be as focused as possible.

We lose concentration. We have to improve and understand that we can't be absent-minded for a second because as soon as we make a mistake we pay for it.

When you play against teams that close down it's difficult to attack true the middle. We're forced to go on the outside. We try these solutions but we need patience and waiting for the right opening.

After the second goal, we took control of the game. We hit the goalpost and there was a reaction.

You need to keep your concentration to the maximum. So many games played so many players with the national team. We have to be focused and we can't afford to lose concentration at this moment.

When you don't win you can't be satisfied. We are working to win games. We are not happy with the season because we lose too many points.

We have to work on many principles of play. Knowing that we play against teams that close down, we have to improve.