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The Scudetto is one of our objectives and we have a duty to keep trying to reach it. We know that there are strong teams ahead of us, but we are Juventus and we must continue to fight until the end.

Bentancur plays centrally as for Uruguay, sometimes more as a playmaker and sometimes next to another. He doesn't play differently from where he plays in the national team.

The intensity comes from the speed of the ball, the rhythm in the passing and that's where there is often a difference between the league and the Champions League, where it is more intense and the games are different. We have to adapt quickly.

We've had a full day of training because the other two were recovery days. Today we'll have a final session and tomorrow we hope to be brilliant.

We knew it would be tough, plus there was the postponement with Napoli which will force us into this busy period. We'll try to do our best.

Dybala isn't at risk of an operation, he's had a consultation and we're assessing what the quickest treatment will be to get him back.

Chiesa plays well on both sides, he's better on the right, but he's played very well on the left. It depends on the game we want to play and the opponent.

Dybala is being checked by the medical staff and we'll see if we can get him back as soon as possible. There is no risk of surgery.

There are chances for Bernardeschi to start, he's fine. He's one of the few who is always in good shape.

Kulusevski is growing and playing a lot in a role that is not his own. We ask him to play a game slightly different from his characteristics but he is doing well. Morata is still out with the virus.

It depends on the number of games played and the number of players we have to rotate, so it's normal that after so many games there is a lack of energy. But the tactical change also comes from the type of game.

We prepared for it knowing that they play a particular kind of football, Atalanta-style. They will come at us from the first to the 90th minute, we have to be careful...attacking the space.

No one will be back tomorrow. Dragusin can be an option from the start.

We know it will be a difficult and very physical game. Under Juric they play very good football, with lots of one-on-ones. They're doing very well, so we're expecting a very tough game.