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Way too Early Player Ratings: Serie A - Juventus vs Crotone

Alright, Juventini. Things are looking bleak at the moment. We need points fast whereas Inter needs them dropped. It’s not looking good, to say the least. Here’s our setup for Crotone.

Buffon 6 - after Szczesny’s calamitous CL first leg it's right to see Gigi come in against Crotone. I expect the living legend to keep things calm against basement-dwelling Crotone and him making a couple of saves.

Danilo 5.5 - a reliable, steady performance will be had from Danilo. He will be solid defensively and offer little going forward.

Demiral 6 - the Big Turk will be dominant physically tonight defending against the Italian minnows. He will have a good defensive performance.

De Ligt 6.5 - he will be as every bit as dominant as Demiral and excel with playing the ball out from the back as well (as long as Bentancur doesn’t receive it - it’s a joke).

Alex Sandro 5.5 - he plays nowadays just to make Bernardeschi not play and fill in a gap. He’s can’t play at this level anymore and against Crotone he will prove that again. Slow and sluggish in attack while he will not be useful at the back.

Chiesa 6.5 - as always, Chiesa needs to be the spark that helps the strikers in attack. I think he will be very driven against Crotone. He will create many chances.

Bentancur 5.5 - the Uruguayan has taken much-deserved criticism over the past week. He will have a very anonymous game which is a slight improvement over what’s happened recently.

McKennie 6 - playing in a deeper role will allow him to be more engaged in the game. This guy thrives on energy and he will have a lot of it against Crotone even though he has a hip problem.

Ramsey 6.5 - I think Ramsey will have one of his best games ever in a Juve jersey. It’s bound to happen at some point where he has a couple of goal contributions. Why not against Crotone?

Kulusevski 5 - the Swede should never be a striker. He hasn’t gelled with Ronaldo up top and he seems lost up there. I’m not a fan personally of him spending as much time as a striker but again, who else do we have. He will struggle again this match.

Ronaldo 6 - he’s 36. We can’t expect goals every game anymore. I expect just some sort of other contribution if he doesn’t score. I think tonight he’ll score though through sheer determination.

Pirlo 6 - Porto was a disaster for him. But against Crotone he literally has no one else available. Use Fagioli at some point, please!

Juventus 1-0 Crotone