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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Sampdoria vs Juventus

Back to Serie A we go. So going off my calculations from last week we now need 16 wins in our remaining 20 games to give ourselves a chance at the Scudetto. Watch this space.

Szczesny 6.5 - The Polish number 1 will make some big saves for Juventus against Sampdoria and will be a top performer.

Danilo 6 - steady as she goes for Danilo. As 1 of the 3 CB’s he’ll look comfortable as he usually does. He’ll make 3 interceptions and 2 tackles.

Bonucci 6 - with Danilo and Chiellini protecting Leo, he can try and dictate the game from the back. Look for 2 successful long balls.

Chiellini 6 - the captain will make his presence known with tough tackling throughout the match. Look for a smile and a hug with the opponent after a clash near his own box

Cuadrado 6.5 - Panita has been impressive down the right flank this season. He will get passed Samp Left Back Augello with some ease and provide 4 key passes.

Bentancur 6 - his role in this midfield trio makes him look so much more comfortable. The Big Uruguayan will make 3 tackles, win 2 aerial duels and keep possession nice and tidy

Arthur 6.5 - the more he plays, the more we see his value. He can wriggle out of pressure and make things tick. Look for his first assist of the season to Ronaldo

Chiesa 5.5 - doesn’t seem as effective on the left as he does on the right. I suspect this has to do with Ronaldo being on that side. He’ll take 3 shots and have a disappointing game

McKennie 6.5 - watch Big Wes to contribute to the game in both the attacking and defensive phases. He’ll have 1 shot and 2 key passes

Morata 7 - Alvarito is gonna score this match. He’ll make life difficult for Sampdoria’s centre backs. The Spaniard will have 2 shots.

Ronaldo 7.5 - against Sampdoria, we will witness 2 Siuuuuu’s. Given CR7’s age, games against Bologna will happen more frequently. The King will have 4 shots and make 3 key passes.

Pirlo 6 - continuity is key. This is pretty much the midfield that works best and every other position is filled with the best possible player minus De Ligt.

Sampdoria 1-3 Juventus


Ronaldo 2, Morata 1


Arthur, Cuadrado, Morata