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Way too Early Player Ratings: Juventus vs Roma

Massive. This game is massive if we are serious about the Scudetto this year. Our tracker now stands at 15 wins in the next 19 league games. Here’s what I think will happen against Roma.

Szczesny 6 - back between the sticks, Tek will look to thwart everything away from his former club. He will make a couple of big impact saves.

Danilo 6 - another steady performance from the Brazilian. He will be solid as a rock and look to get involved in the attack.

Bonucci 6- the old rearguard is back for this big game. At home, I think they are super comfortable and without any real pacy strikers coming at Leo, he will be fine.

Chiellini 6.5 - he looks rejuvenated. The Juve legend will continue his solid form and keep our backline in check. As always look for the hug and a smile after a collision.

Cuadrado 7 - Roma’s LWB, probably Spinazzola, better be ready to defend. Juan is about to have a stormer of a game. He will get the assist that wins the game.

Arthur 6.5 - the little Brazilian will dictate the game. He is up against inferior midfielders that will also try and attack. I see Arthur commanding the game and continue his excellent form.

Rabiot 5.5 - I’m starting to get a bit worried about Rabiot. He hasn’t blossomed into what Pirlo or Juve expected. He’s someone who looks like he can do a lot but after 90 mins he comes up empty. Expect this again against Roma.

Chiesa 6 - not as effective on this left-hand side as investigated in our Tactical Insight III. He’ll have his chances to produce but in the end, he’ll come up empty. His final third decision making needs to improve.

McKennie 6 - the American will be buzzing around as per usual but he won’t have that much influence on the game. He’ll get his ball retention and all that jazz but the end product will be lacking.

Morata 7 - we’ll be shouting Goalvaro Morata against Roma. He’ll score the winning goal and have a great game holding the ball up and linking midfield to attack.

Ronaldo 6 - fresh off his 2 goal performance, CR7 definitely did what I said he’d do in the last ratings. But against Roma, the now 36-year-old will have an anonymous match.