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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Juventus vs Napoli

Big game for the top 4. Got some squad players back. Let’s see what happens.

Szczesny 6 - needs to forget about Saturday fast. A big game may get his juices going again.

Cuadrado 6.5 - Juan has been very good this year as a right back. Rumors were swirling that he may play more attacking but why to mess with something that actually works.

De Ligt 7 - Matthijs will be strong as a Boulder against Napoli. He’s a stud and we are lucky to have him.

Chiellini 5.5 - Capitano Chiello will struggle with Napoli’s fluid attack and his time with the ball has never been something to marvel at.

Danilo 5.5 - struggled in the middle against Torino. He now deputizes Sandro at left-back and he will have an anonymous game, which is sometimes a good thing.

McKennie 5.5 - first game back after a team suspension. He will run a marathon to make amends for what he did but he will also struggle tactically.

Arthur 6 - another player looking to make up for his wrongdoings. He will be tidy in possession and allow Bentancur to play further up the field.

Bentancur 6 - the Uruguayan will have more freedom going forward now that Arthur is back and this may be good for him and the team. Driving the ball forward and getting the ball to the dangerous players is what Rodri needs to do and will do it well.

Chiesa 5.5 - he will try his best and play for the shirt rather than his name but he will lack a final pass and the conviction to score.

Morata 5 - I was super wrong about Morata against Torino. He’s been pretty bad lately and will continue this trend against an in-form Napoli side.

Ronaldo 5.5 - N/A

Pirlo 4 - I’m sick of the 4-4-2. I’m sick of the late subs. Someone must have advised him against this?

Juventus 0-1 Napoli