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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Juventus vs Cagliari

Well... nevermind, moving on to the rest of the season. The top 4 is the goal. Need to win these games. Passive-aggressive takes will be used throughout these ratings. Take them however you’d like.

Szczesny 6 - hopefully he can build a proper wall and stop 30-yard shots on the ground against Cagliari. If he does this then we will probably win.

Cuadrado 6.5 - maybe after Juan’s 22nd cross, a striker will put the ball in the net. An offensive outlet all season long, look for it to continue against the Sardinians.

Bonucci 6 - too many mistakes every game, too old for what he brings to the team. He’ll be fine against Cagliari playing out the back.

Chiellini 5.5 - take every game he plays for the rest of the season to appreciate him. With him most likely retiring, appreciate what he has done. He’ll be good defensively and have the team organized.

Danilo 6 - play him as a holding midfielder again. I’m dead serious. Mobile, active and progressive against Lazio. I want to see that again. He’s been a bright spot. He will continue this again against Cagliari.

Arthur 6 - the little Brazilian will be an escape artist against Cagliari and get us out of trouble. He will continue to be disappointing going forward but he is essential for us to get out of the back.

Rabiot 5.5 - he usually matches the competition he plays against. Watch for him to be quite anonymous throughout.

McKennie 5.5 - the American needs to be a tough-tackling transition player against Cagliari. I think he’ll be somewhat successful keeping in mind he isn’t 100%. He will score a goal.

Chiesa 6.5 - Freddie Church has been our best player in 2021. Watch for his good form to continue against Cagliari and he will contribute an assist.

Morata 6 - the strong focal point of our attack will be just that. He will occupy the opposing CB’s and provide Ronaldo and Chiesa a target to start attacks.

Ronaldo 5.5 - lots of question marks are surrounding CR7 and for good reason too. He will be a bit disappointing again as we see his almighty form start to deteriorate.

Pirlo 4.5 - I’m not sure De Ligt should be sitting anymore. I would like him to start every match from here on out.

Juventus 2-1 Cagliari

Goals: McKennie, Bonucci

Assists: Arthur, Chiesa