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Let us know what you think in the comments: by @Giannotti151

Szczesny 5.5 - will have to deal with many attacks against us. Will concede one he’d like to have back. Even though Atalanta have struggled a bit in Serie A, they will be up for it against us.

De Ligt 6 - the fluidity Atalanta has in attack will trouble all three Juventus CB’s, De Ligt included. Will be good with the ball as per usual.

Bonucci 6 - Leo has been quite good the past couple of games. However we will see if he can cope with the Atalanta attack.

Danilo 6 - replaces Alex Sandro. Danilo is more responsible at Centre Back and will be asked to defend more than usual. Expect some lapses but he will be okay.

Cuadrado 6 - the defensive phase will trouble Juan. As I’ve said in the past he needs a break. On the ball he will deliver a couple of beautiful crosses.

McKennie 6.5 - gets another start in his preferred role. Excellent v Torino, excellent v Barcelona, pretty good v Genoa with an assist. His form is very good and it will continue. He’s got Grinta and we’ll need it

Rabiot 5.5 - is something wrong with Arthur? Rabiot has been quite poor and gets another start, v Atalanta. He will be anonymous again against la Dea.

Chiesa 6 - the chance to counter with Chiesa will be key v Atalanta. His final ball needs work and I think he will make some good decisions with a primary assist. His defending will be in question all night as Atalanta have a fluid attack that will require him to defend against Hans Hateboer.

Ramsey 6 - will he finally contribute something? I think this is the game Ramsey becomes a creative spark plug.