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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Juventus v Lazio

Nothing is going Juve’s way this season regarding manpower. We can only play with what we have and just do whatever it takes to win. 3 points is a must if we want to have holes of retaining the Scudetto.

Szczesny 6 - Our number 1 will need to be good against Lazio. He will keep us in the game and will keep our makeshift back line in order.

Cuadrado 5.5 - Didn’t expect to see Panita back in the squad so soon. It’s a nice sight but he will be slightly off the pace against Lazio. He will be fine defensively but quite wasteful in attack.

Danilo 6 - a very good servant to the club, asked to do anything and has the will to do everything. He’ll have an average game and not make any major mistakes.

Demiral 6.5 - the Turk needs to be our rock against Lazio and keep Immobile at bay. He’ll be quite influential defensively but on the ball, he’ll be shaky.

Alex Sandro 5.5 - we know he’s declined massively but he can still be a suitable defender with some protection. Not expecting any form of capable attacking moves. As long as he focuses defensively he’ll be fine.

Chiesa 6.5 - the kids exciting. He needs to exert his determination and dynamism for Juve to be successful. Against Lazio, expect wonderful work rate but a bit of wastefulness in the attacking third.

McKennie 5.5 - fresh off being fully redeemed from Schalke, Big Mac will have an anonymous match. His hip will be a big reason why.

Rabiot 5 - I’m over Rabiot starting every game even though we need him to in our dire needs. He’ll be pretty bad again. That’s all I’ll say.

Bernardeschi 5 - will we get Atletico/Spezia Bernardeschi? Or will we get every other game Bernardeschi. I’m going to bet with every other game Berna.

Kulusevski 6 - I like the Swedes movement off the ball. I don’t like Ronaldo and Kulusevski playing together. Kulu needs a more mobile Centre Forward to play with and CR7 at this stage isn’t it.