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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Parma vs Juventus.

Welcome back to our routinely created segment where I, @Giannotti151 will bring out my crystal ball and predict how each starter will do along with the result of the match. You can keep up with all my predictions here on and @BianconeriZone on Twitter.

Let us know what you predict and then compare after the match’s completion.

Buffon 6 - SuperGigi gets an obvious start against a what looks to be a lesser opponent. He can still command his box and looked as sharp as ever against Barcelona the other week. Look for this to continue against Parma.

Danilo 6 - deputizing Juan Cuadrado finally happened! It’s Danilo so don’t expect any good crosses but other than that he will be solid as a rock.

De Ligt 7 - I read a crazy stat that since De Ligt has come back, Juventus win the ball back in the opponents half 8 more times per game than without him. Not only is he a physical phenomenon but he also orchestrates a very good back line. This will continue against Parma

Bonucci 6 - the experienced centre back can no longer defend in 1 on 1 situations. One can only hope Gervinho doesn’t get an opportunity on this. But as always, with the ball he’ll be very good

Alex Sandro 6 - I fear every time Alex Sandro plays as a LCB and the ball is on the other side of the field about to be put in the box. But against Parma he won’t have to deal with much and will have a rather anonymous game.