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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Giornata 38 Juventus v Bologna

The final game of a whirlwind season can end in two ways. 1. Super Coppa, Coppa Italia and a CL spot or 2. Super Coppa, Coppa Italia and no CL. We need results to favor us along with a win against Bologna and Juve will actually finish with a decent season. If we treat this as a final, I like our chances.

Szczesny 6.5 - the polish goalkeeper will make a very important save that saves the potential CL spot for us.

Danilo 5.5 - the Brazilian will be anonymous against Bologna. Which is neither good nor bad.

De Ligt 8.5 - he will show the passion and composure needed to secure the win for the Bianconeri at a defensive level. Big tackles and good outlets is what the Dutchman is all about.

Chiellini 6 - in what might be ‘King Kong's last match in black and white, you will see a classic performance. Tough defending and some suspect passes will be contributed by Il Capitano.

Alex Sandro 5.5 - we need a new left-back but... if this is his last game a little respect is due so Grazie Alex.

Cuadrado 6.5 - word on the street is Juan is going to sign a new contract with the club and he will cap off a great season with an assist against Bologna.

McKennie 5.5 - expect lots of running from the American in this role. Win the ball, pass the ball in going to be his workflow.

Rabiot 6 - the Frenchman’s elegance and power will be on display and he will score against Bologna.

Chiesa 5 - the hero in the Coppa Italia will struggle against Bologna.

Kulusevski 6 - wild times. In the biggest games to end the season, Pirlo has opted to start the young Swede over Dybala and Morata... and it’s worked. Watch for Kulu to wriggle his way through tough areas and set up Ronaldo for 2 chances.

Ronaldo 6.5 - N/A

Pirlo 5.5 - Pirlo will be critiqued, analyzed, and have his future speculated after this game for the next few weeks until his future is decided. I think in this match, in-game tactics will be quite relaxed.

Bologna 0-2 Juventus

Goals: Rabiot, Ronaldo

Asssits: Kulusevski, Cuadrado