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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Giornata 37 Derby D’Italia

After beating Sassuolo on pure individualism, we now face the champions of Italy. I am expecting another dull and lethargic performance. There is no team cohesion and there is no more passion in the players. I foresee a damning day in the history of Juventus.

Szczesny 5.5 - why is he starting? It’s so clear Buffon is still better than him. Tek can’t control his team's organization anymore. He’s not confident and I expect another glaring mistake.

Danilo 6 - Danilo will be very anonymous against Inter and that is a good thing for a full back.

De Ligt 7 - I don’t know how we will be keeping this player. At his age, in this team, it’s crazy that he stands out as a man among boys. He will be Mr. Reliable again.

Chiellini 5.5 - he can’t keep up with the pace of the game anymore. We saw that against Milan. Lukaku/Martinez will pick on our legend.

Alex Sandro - we need a new left-back.

Cuadrado 6 - I expect the Colombian will do his best to make Bastoni have nightmares. He will get the better of Bastoni sometimes but Cuadrado’s final ball will be lacking conviction.

Bentancur 4.5 - the Uruguayan might of played one of the worst games a Juventus player had ever played against Milan. Now he starts in a 2 man midfield against Inter and he will be better, that’s a given, but marginally better.

Rabiot 5 - don’t let the goal and assist against Sassuolo fool you, Rabiot wasn’t great. I think this trend continues against Inter. The 2 man midfield helps no one.

Chiesa 5 - hasn’t been as productive since coming back from injury (shocker). Going up against Hakimi is a tough task and Chiesa will struggle again.

Dybala 5.5 - he isn’t the player to dominate games. But games like these need individual brilliance and Paulo can definitely serve some of that. I expect a couple of moments of brilliance but a lot of anonymity.

Ronaldo 6 - N/A

Pirlo -2 - will continue to get a -2 unless he switches his formation. It’s ugly, bad football and it needs to stop.

Juventus 1-2 Inter

Goals: Morata