Way Too Early Player Ratings: Giornata 36 Sassuolo vs Juventus

If this team pulls off a CL spot, I’ll be the first to say congrats. I can’t see it actually happening.

Buffon 6.5 - having just announced he will not return, this may be Gigi’s last match for Juventus, forever this time. He will give a nostalgic, commanding performance and as I’ve said since January, he should be the starter. None of the goals conceded will be his fault.

Danilo 6 - always gives his all, he will be one of the better performers. As it has been all year, his actions in the attacking third will not be good.

De Ligt 6.5 - he will make key interventions as usual. He’ll also have a chance to score, but will not.

Bonucci 6 - comes out of the Milan loss looking very valuable. One of his trademark long balls will put Juventus in a dangerous attacking position that will lead to a chance.

Alex Sandro 5 - new left-back required.

Cuadrado 5 - his effectiveness has all but washed away now. Pirlo’s tactics of getting the ball to Cuadrado and cross seem to have been figured out.. who would have thought. He will continue to get little help out there on the right to be effective.

Arthur 6 - Something different to spark a very bad midfield. He’ll get Juve out of trouble a couple of times and even the most adequate performance is better than whatever the hell Bentancur did on Sunday.

Rabiot 4.5 - anonymous player will get an anonymous rating. It’s gonna be a game where we say, ‘is he even playing?’

Chiesa 5.5 - poor on Sunday like these ratings predicted. Again, he won’t have the best match but it will be better and he will create at least 3 chances against Sassuolo.

Morata 5.5 - where’s Dybala?

Ronaldo 5.5 - N/A

Pirlo -2 - he gets this score because 4 - 4 - 2 is -2. Garbage formation. 0 attacking approach. No clear ideas, don’t know when to make subs. Fed up is an understatement. Where’s Dybala?

Sassuolo 3-2 Juventus

Goals: Ronaldo, Cuadrado

Assists: Chiesa, Kulusevski

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