Way Too Early Player Ratings: Giornata 35 Juventus v Milan

This is the biggest game of the year (if we’re even allowed to compete in the CL next season)... what a shame. Pirlo’s job continues to be on the line and with Allegri and potentially Zidane being available, he can’t afford another mistake.

Szczesny 6.5 - I think Tek is going to have to have a great game in order for Juve to get all 3 points. He will let any back burners but he will leave you wanting a bit more

Danilo 5.5 - seems to be struggling a bit at the moment, probably due to his nagging injury. I don’t see him being an attacking threat much this game

Bonucci 5.5 - can’t believe Bonucci and Chiellini are starting this important game while our best CB isn’t starting. Pirlo goes with the old boys club and starts the dinosaurs. Not good luck. Watch this space in the event it works out.

Chiellini 5.5 - see above.

Alex Sandro 5 - need a new left-back.

Cuadrado 6 - he’s been very good. His being the main creative force is not a recipe for success. Hell give his all as usual and create 3-4 chances against Milan

Bentancur 5 - the Uruguayan will struggle against Kessie.

Rabiot 6.5 - always seems to play well against Milan. He will have an above-average game and be noticeable in the neutral third

Chiesa 5.5 - fresh off recovering from injury, Freddie Church returns but he won’t be as productive as we’ve seen this season. Big game, we don’t know how fit he will be, I can see him being a nonfactor

Morata 6 - needs to play well for every second he remains on the field. I don’t think he will as his focus isn’t good. He will score though.

Ronaldo 7.5 - n/a

Pirlo 2 - 4-4-2 is criminal for a team with CL aspirations. I am curious to know why Pirlo is using Cuadrado at right midfield. Back in January, Chiesa ruined Hernandez and the Frenchman probably had nightmares. Another reason for the low score is not starting De Ligt. He’s their best defender and you want him to stay long-term.

Juventus 1-2 Milan

Goals: Morata

Assists: Rabiot

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