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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Giornata 33 Fiorentina v Juventus

As per usual, 3 points is a must. We’re barely surviving in a CL spot and a convincing performance against Fiorentina would only do us good. Will this be the last time Bonucci and Chiellini start together?

Szczesny 6 - will be ready when needed and called upon. If there is a goal, it won’t be exclusively Tek’s fault.

Danilo 6 - I actually kind of enjoy watching Danilo play. He adds something different and has shown his originality all season. He will lack the final product (as most Juve players do) against Fiorentina.

Bonucci 5.5 - I see Leo struggling against Dusan Vlahovic’s pace and power. On the ball, he will dictate play but you can only dictate so much as a Centre Back.

Chiellini 6 - he will battle as always until the very end and will be a leader among men against Fiorentina. His play with the ball has never been good so I don’t expect anything to happen for ‘King Kong’

Alex Sandro 4.5 - who would have guessed that performance against Parma. I think he will regress to his mean against Fiorentina.

Cuadrado 6.5 - he’s the man on a mission. His service has been elite this season and he will create 3 more big chances against Fiorentina.

Bentancur 5.5 - the Uruguayan will struggle to get a grip on the midfield. He will be quite anonymous.