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Way Too Early Player Ratings: Giornata 30 - Juventus v Genoa

One of our ‘lighter’ matches left on the schedule. A win is a must to make a push for a Champions League place. That is the goal, that should be attainable.

Szczesny 5.5 - I get that he’s been good in the past but Buffon should be starting on current form. I see a safe night and little action for Tek though.

Cuadrado 6.5 - the Colombian will be the outlet as per usual. He will create the most chances for Juve against a stingy Genoa side.

De Ligt 6.5 - not much to say about him. Save him and keep him at the club for as long as we can. He’s an animal and a wall and he will continue his play in week 30.

Chiellini 6 - knock on wood, he’s been able to stay fit in consecutive matches. He’s the experienced player the team needs and will continue to guide the players to play with the Juve spirit.

Danilo 5.5 - right back, center-back, left-back, center midfield, doesn’t matter to Danilo because he’s just consistently fine. He’ll continue this type of form against Genoa.

Kulusevski 5 - this year has been a bit of a write-off. He needs to find comfort within himself and the team. He will play safe against Genoa due to his many mistakes in recent weeks which will not help his cause.

Arthur 6.5 - this dude needs to play. His calmness on the ball is something no other player has on this team. He will be a possession monster but also play some very decisive balls into good attacking positions against Genoa.

Bentancur 5.5 - when playing further up the pitch, he becomes a more useful player. It’s a fact. He got an assist to Dybala last match because he was able to get more forward. Look for this to continue.

Chiesa 7.5 - the golden boy will continue his hot streak. Without him, who knows where we’d be.

Ronaldo 6 - N/A

Morata 5.5 - needs a rest. Not playing well at the moment and this will continue. He started the season so well but couldn’t keep it up, maybe because of illness, maybe because he played too many minutes.

Pirlo 5 - not sure about this XI (Tek, Kulu, Morata) but it is what it is.

Juventus 1-0 Genoa