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Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Szczesny 6.5 - will be called upon to make some decent saves and will do his best to keep the team organized. Some mad scrambles in the box will happen and Tek will be up to the task. 

De Ligt 7 - He is a World Class defender and will put his skills on display in the derby. The crunching, no nonsense tackles will make us juventini fist pump.

Bonucci 6 - In possession he’ll dominate as per usual. Us fans hope Belotti isn not man marked by him throughout the match. 

Danilo 6.5 - well see a typical consistent 2020-2021 Danilo. He’ll be useful in possession and a reliable CB. 

Cuadrado 6 - he will always be available in attack as we have seen all season. However, as we have seen he’ll create one great opportunity and be pretty wasteful the rest of the game. His defending will be adequate. He loves a derby game and will score v Torino again. 

Bentancur 6 - will have another anonymous showing. Will keep things clean but offer nothing in attack. 

Rabiot 6.5 - will be very industrious. Rabiot will be tasked with moving the ball to Kulusevski and Ronaldo and he will succeed. 

Bernardeschi 6 - his final product will be very poor as per usual and he will frustrate his striker teammates. He will be subbed out early.

Kulusevski 6.5 - usually performs his best when he starts. He will be counted on to influence our attack and get the ball into Dybala and Ronaldo in dangerous positions. He will contribute an assist. 

Dybala 5.5 - will continue to struggle. In a game where creatively will surely be needed, Dybala will struggle to dictate play again. He will be subbed off, I don’t know for who but Pirlo will say that ‘he is still recovering’. 

Ronaldo 7.5 - will score and look dangerous throughout the match. He will carry this team as per usual in a difficult match and be the ultimate difference maker. 

Pirlo 5.5 - the continuous tinkering to the starting lineup is okay because of the schedule. However, there must be some type of continuity. His subs will also come a bit too late. 


Chiesa - will look lost and will not be impactful

Arthur - will come on a demand the ball and move the ball to calm things down 

A Sandro - will come on to provide rest for Bernardeschi or Danilo. 

McKennie - will be a bulldog and should start in this type of game.