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Juventus's plans

The intention is to get only one midfielder this summer (Locatelli). Juventus will do very few deals this summer, no swap deals. [Di Marzio]

Dybala's contract

Juventus' idea is to extend Dybala's contract for at least another 3 seasons with a substantial increase in salary from 7,3mln to 10mln euros. Paulo would like 12mln, the distance is not so worrying, but it will be discussed later on. [Daniele Longo]


Juventus are working within their mind the idea of Ronaldo staying because as for now they have not received any signs of him leaving the club. Gabriel Jesus is the first choice option should Ronaldo leave. Juventus want to take him on loan with an option to buy. Should PSG come forward for Ronaldo, then Juventus could go for Icardi. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]

For now, no offer for Ronaldo has arrived not from PSG nor from Manchester United. [La Stampa]


Juventus are interested because they love Pogba and Pogba loves Juventus. The interest is always there but you need money to sign Pogba not interest. A lot of people are talking about €40-50m in Italy and Spain because Pogba is out of contract in one year. However, it is not like this. Manchester United is not selling the player for €40m and would prefer to keep him and take the risk. [Fabrizio Romano]


Roma did not make a move for Demiral, the only teams moving for him are PL teams. Juventus told Demiral's managers once again that they want 40/45mln euros. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]


Tomorrow Cherubini will meet with Sassuolo in Rimini to try and find an agreement for Locatelli. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]

The untouchables

Bentancur and Rabiot are the only “untouchable” midfielders for Allegri. He does not see Arthur doing well in his Juventus. Whiles McKennie will be evaluated during pre-season. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]

The Sandro backup

The starter on the left is Alex Sandro, Juventus never thought of selling him, never received an offer. He has a very long contract and earns 7mln€/season. [Romeo Agresti]

Juventus are increasingly convinced to retain Luca Pellegrini in the role of deputy of Alex Sandro: the last word will be for Allegri. [Romeo Agresti]