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Sassuolo has confirmed their interest in Dragusin. Juventus are pushing for a loan with an option to buy (obligated). Another meeting is expected to take place next week. [Romeo Agresti]

Next week there will be a second meeting between the parties and on that occasion they will enter into the details, starting to talk about formula, figures, players. Today's meeting was to understand the intentions of both parties. [Di Marzio]

A positive meeting between Juve and Sassuolo for Locatelli, Juve who would like to take him on loan with an obligation to buy. Good feelings, even if nothing has been defined yet. [Mirko Di Natale]

In addition to Dragusin, Fagioli and Felix Correia are being evaluated, but only one can be involved in the deal for Locatelli. [Nicola Balice]

There was no talk about figures (€) today. The clubs talked about youngsters (Dragusin, Da Graca & Fagioli). The feeling is that they are going towards a loan with an obligation to buy. [Luca Marchetti]

Locatelli is ready to sign a contract until 2026 at 3mln€ + bonus. Talks between both clubs are well underway. [La Stampa]

Juventus and Sassuolo will respect the will expressed by Locatelli: "No Mercato interference during the key days of EURO2020 to stay focused on the national team." He already expressed his approval for Juventus. [Giovanni Albanese]

Dragusin's agent talks

I've never seen anyone like him, he will reach very high levels because he puts in so much effort, works so hard. Radu wants to stay at Juventus, he doesn't want to leave. There have been offers from England, from Germany, but he wants to play at Juventus. Nobody has called us. I sent a message to the Juve directors today and they told me there's nothing. If he leaves, it's to go and play, but he wants to stay at Juventus. I spoke to his mum and they were looking for a house but I told him not to move until 31 August: I hope he stays at Juve. It depends on Sassuolo's program, we'll see what path they plan to take. We have to be careful which path we take. At this age, he has to play and he has to grow. He has to get angry if he doesn't play. It depends on the project. [CMIT TV]


Sassuolo would like to include Fagioli in the Locaettli deal, however, Allegri asked the club to keep him. Max thinks he can play his part in the team. [Sky Italia]

Milinkovic Savic

Milinkovic Savic remains Allegri's dream signing. A deal that remains difficult to do and it depends on Ronaldo's future. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]


Frabotta to Genoa was done this morning, a loan with an option to buy. Juventus will have a buy-back option. [Di Marzio]