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The Fiorentina connection

Juventus are trying to include a player in the Locatelli deal because they need cash for Dusan Vlahovic. In case Ronaldo should communicate his will to leave Turin, Juventus will go all-in for Vlahovic. Not an easy deal to do but the club will try. [Tuttosport]

For Milenkovic, Fiorentina is willing to evaluate offers, for Vlahovic at the moment not. [Romeo Agresti]


Demiral would not want to experience yet another season at Juventus behind Bonucci, Chiellini, and De Ligt. His agents are working to see if he can make a transfer, Juve values him at 40mln€ or he will not leave . Roma and Atalanta have come forward, for Atalanta, the price is too high. [SKY ITALIA - Romeo Agresti]

Demiral's future is away from Juventus, the player wants to play more. Juventus' position is clear, they told his managers they want 40mln euros or the player will not leave. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]


Next week, Juventus and Sassuolo will certainly meet again. Not to exclude a meeting in Rimini. Juve intends to conclude the operation but we still need to what type of deal. The name most mentioned for the Locatelli deal is Dragusin. The other names are Fagioli and Felix Correia but the two clubs have not gone into details. Next week we will understand who will go to Sassuolo. [Romeo Agresti]


The will of Allegri is that Dybala stays, the will of Juventus is to extend. Beyond Ronaldo's future, Juve want to keep Paulo. [Romeo Agresti]


Allegri wants to keep Perin as the backup, Mattia would love to leave the club to play and keep his chances for the World Cup alive. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]

Juve has also set their sights on Sergio Romero, who is a free agent. In addition to Juventus, Roma and Celta Vigo have also asked for information, but at the moment the club ahead seems to be Everton, who has already started negotiations. [The Athletic]

De Sciglio - Pellegrini

From what I understand, De Sciglio would be the player Allegri would want to sell more because between him and Pellegrini, he would want to try out Luca. [Romeo Agresti]


Genoa remains ahead for Frabotta, but hasn't closed yet: they are negotiating on the buy-back clause. Atalanta asked for in, Basel more in the background. [Romeo Agresti]