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Allegri made it clear to the club that he wants to keep Fagioli. The player himself would love to stay. It seems unlikely that he will be used in the Locatelli deal. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]


A meeting between Juventus and Sassuolo is bound to take place this week in Milano. There is a lot of talk around Locatelli, it's normal that Sassuolo wants to drive up the price. [Romeo Agresti]

Juve's offer for Locatelli is believed to be around 25-30mln euros + 2 players: Dragusin and another young player. Sassuolo is open to doing this kind of deal. [Corriere Dello Sport]


Juventus are looking for another striker regardless of Ronaldo’s future. They seem to want to pay a lot of attention to age, so names like Pavoletti to Llorente, and even Milik - are currently frozen. Scamacca could be back in fashion: Sassuolo, however, is an expensive shop, and could even decide to keep him. A surprise name could be Andrea Petagna, who made his debut at Milan under Allegri. [Giovanni Albanese - Gazzetta Dello Sport]


There is an agreement that Rovella would stay at Genoa for next season but this can change. Allegri asked the club to bring him back, as he would like to keep him in the squad. [Gazzetta Dello Sport]


Manchester United wants 80mln euros for Pogba, Juventus remains interested but not at that price for a player with an expiring contract in 2022. [Corriere Dello Sport]

Super League

Barcelona President Laporta: "As soon as we receive the green light from the court, we will create the greatest competition in the world of sports, and everyone will want to join us. UEFA's reaction? Apologize, pay us and beg for forgiveness. It's a monopoly. A new era is coming. It'll take some time, but it's coming."

The 6 PL teams have failed to formally leave ESL. They remain co-owners and shareholders of a holding company in Spain. Two senior sources close to the holding say “there is no mechanism for withdrawal” and the league will be relaunched. [The Times]


Gosens has become unrealistic after his great performances at the EURO. The valuation would now be around 40mln euros. Juve is keeping Alex Sandro and Pellegrini as his deputy. [Repubblica Torino]

A meeting with Juventus is scheduled for Gosens, Inter has asked for information and Koeman has asked for him. Atalanta will start with a 35mln€ asking price. . [Marco Conterio]


I think Ronaldo knows what he wants to do, in his mind, he already found an ideal club for himself. But it's normal th