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Arthur wanted to have surgery last season, doctors said no. There are 2 types of calcification, cold and warm. Today his has stopped growing (cold) and surgery can be done. He hopes to return to training at the end of August. [Giacomo Iacobellis]

There are two types of calcification: hot and cold. That of Arthur was hot and growing, so removing it was very dangerous. He did shockwaves (therapy) and played with the pain. During the medical examination, he was told it was cold so surgery is possible. [Mirko Di Natale]

Arthur risks exclusion from the Champions list. At that point, there would be room for a new signing (the name of Juventus is Locatelli, it's no secret) even with the permanence of Ramsey, who will soon return to the Continassa to convince Allegri. [Giovanni Albanese]


Today Sassuolo and Juventus will meet, the club knows that Locatelli wants to join them but they will need to beat the competition of Arsenal. [Di Marzio]

Locatelli is the player, Arsenal would be prepared to go all-in for. However, they know that the player feels like a long shot. He is available but Juventus, his preferred choice, hold the cards. [The Athletic]

Ronaldo staying

Ronaldo will be back on July 25 for pre-season. His agent told the club Cristiano will stay. Jorge Mendes is also thinking about opening talks with Juventus for a contract until 2023 and spread his wages over a couple of years. [Tuttosport]


Coutinho is a target of Milan and Juventus, with the Rossoneri being more interested at the moment. Coutinho, however, would be very appreciated by Allegri, and, therefore, an offer from Juventus can't be excluded. [ESPN]


A meeting with Dybala's agent is set for next week. [Sky Italia]


Fiorentina, Bologna, Besiktas and Betis are all interested in Rugani. [Tuttosport]