Top 5 Attackers for Juventus This Decade

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

This decade has brought much success to the Old Lady. Juventini have been blessed with many talented players and some very entertaining football. This list takes a look at the top 5 attackers to have played for Juventus during this era of success. *Please remember Alessandro Del Piero only played for one season this decade.*

5. Mario Mandzukic - Striker, Left Winger - Fee 19 Million Euros - 2015-2019 - 8 Trophies

Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC / Contributor

The Croatian brute comes in at number 5. He makes the list over the likes of Alvaro Morata due to his pure willingness to overcome anything thrown at him. Super Mario was able to adapt to any tactic and any opponent he came up against. He was the ultimate warrior and contributed 44 goals in 162 matches, 10 of mentioned goals came in the Champions League for the Bianconeri. We will never forget the absolute freak of a bicycle kick goal in the Champions League Final against Real Madrid. Salute Brate.

4. Gonzalo Higuain - Striker - Fee 90 Million Euros - 2016-2018, 2019-2020 - 5 Trophies, 1 Serie A Team of the Season

Lampson Yip - Clicks Images / Contributor

Gonzalo arrived under a lot of scrutiny and he was also pushed out of the club twice. Still the Argentine was a very productive striker for the Old Lady. He scored many goals, 66 in 149 matches in all competitions. The husky Argentine formed a formidable partnership with fellow compatriot, Paulo Dybala during the 2017 run to the Champions League Final. Unfortunately he was squeezed out by the incoming Cristiano Ronaldo but we will always remember Gonzalo’s goal against Inter. Gracias Pipita.

3. Carlos Tevez - Striker, Centre Forward - Fee 9 Million Euros - 2013-2015 - 4 Trophies, 2 Serie A Team of the Seasons, 1 Serie A MVP


I will never forget the day Carlos Tevez stood on that hotel balcony holding the number 10 Juventus shirt. It was such a random transfer and very cheap considering his market value at the time. He enters this list having only played 2 seasons for Juventus but they were excellent years. He provided great play and took Juve to new heights. He scored 50 goals in 95 games in all competitions and during the 2014-2015 Champions League campaign he was immense with young Alvaro Morata. He was a threat on the counter, in the build jump and any set piece. It’s a shame we only had him for two years. Vamos Carlitos

2. Paulo Dybala - Support Striker, Striker - Fee 40 Million Euros - 2015-Present - 11 Trophies, 3 Serie A Team of the Seasons, 1 Sere A MVP

Claudio Villa - Inter / Contributor

I remember when Dybala was first signed by Juventus around the time of the 2015 Champions League Final I was a bit thrown off by the price Juve spent on a then 21 year old from Palermo. He has blossomed into a player just inches away of being an elite, World Class superstar. The Argentine needs to be more consistent and excel for consecutive seasons. However, his Juve career as a whole has been very good. As a fan favourite, Dybala has scored 98 goals in 244 matches (all competitions) and has provided 42 assists during this time. He plays with a certain elegance and his left foot curling the ball into the opposite top bin is a trademark. If he signs that contract extension and stays with the club long term, he will be considered a club legend. Forza La Joya

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Left Winger, Striker - Fee 117 Million Euros - 2018 - Present - 4 Trophies, 1 Serie A Team of the Season, 1 Serie A MVP

Jonathan Moscrop / Contributor

What else is there to be said about Cristiano Ronaldo. July 2018 was a wild time to be a Juve fan. Even though CR7 was only apart of the Old Lady for 2 seasons, his impact on the club and Serie A in general is legendary. The King of goals has scored 85 to date in 109 matches in all competitions. He breaks a new record every other week while playing for Juventus and whenever he is on the field, Juventini think they always have a chance. He is amongst the top 2 players to ever play the game of football and he chose to come here. From hat tricks against Atletico in the CL to SuperCoppa game winning goals against Milan and most recently Napoli, he has played as advertised, scoring and mentality to be better. All this on the pitch and he brings just as much off the pitch in terms of making Juventus even larger globally. Siuuuu Il Re.

Who is missing? What are your rankings? Let us know!


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