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The Yearning Kid is Ours: Sprint, Grit, and Chiesa

It was within the injury time—4 minutes added time.

Players were using long sleeves and thick gloves to fight against the cold and the pressure.

Stephan Lichtsteiner, a friendly face that we will always remember and fond of as one of the best modern fullbacks we have ever had after our 2011-2012’s revolution, was still playing as the opposition. He clenched the ball to his wrist and threw it into their backline from a throw-in. Lazio was playing a cautious football before the time mark ends.

Muslera, the number one option for their goalkeeper, received the ball. Instead of playing it slow and killing the time, he went for a long ball into midfield. With fit Chiellini and Mohammad “Momo” Sissoko as our towering backline, however, it was a very questionable decision.

Apart from Lazio’s sudden long ball strategy, it was in no time that the ball was later disposed of. Chiellini headed it out towards Felipe Melo, then rolled into Sissoko. He had his time controlling the ball before sending it long to our right midfielder. It was our number 27, Milos Krasic, he then sprinted towards the inside of the final third, beat his man, and the rest is history.

The match ended with us winning 2-1 at the injury time will always be remembered by our black and white bleeding heart. The goal is definitely not the main ‘memento’ we have about him. Instead, it is the grinta that showed from his run that until today will always and has been forever, particolare.

Such grit reminds me of one name.

That one name that scores two necessary goals against AC Milan.

He is our left and right-wing, and he can speak English better than most of us.

His name is Federico Chiesa.

Two heads are supposed to be two.

Different people have a different set of mental, skills, and grit.

Do not get me wrong. I refuse the idea of comparing one player to another, hence, the smallest element of my body even rejecting the idea of it. Even sand, in its smallest particle of dust and glasses, are consisting of various shapes and squares—left alone football players.

Krasic and Chiesa are two different players, obvi