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The team has achieved its goal

Allegri talked about the 4-0 defeat to Chelsea and what it means for this group.

We had a good first half, in the second half they continued to give us pressure. We conceded a lot of corners, they're strong. We could have done better in some situations. It's a pity we conceded 4 goals, the goal had been achieved. Let's think about Saturday.

There were times when we lost a lot of balls, trying to verticalize straight away. We have to work, improve, we often do that, when you play these games you have to slow down.

The strength is remarkable, they are the champions, they are good physically, they have great technique. I repeat: in the first half we didn't do badly, I'm happy.

In the first leg we played a completely different game, we were more careful defensively for 90 minutes. Tonight we were for 45 minutes, then we gave up. In the details you concede goals.

The team has achieved its goal two games in advance. Let's think about Atalanta.

I've already told the lads and congratulated them on getting through. It's not like you win in Rome and you're the best in Europe. We need balance, calmness, we know our strengths and weaknesses. Let's work on our limits, through these nights we will improve.