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The super league is to save football and not just for the rich

Why a Super League

The big clubs in England, Spain, and Italy have to find a solution for the bad situation that football is going through. Playing the Super League would make sure we can recover lost money. When you don't have any other income than TV rights, the solution is to offer more attractive matches that allow the fans around the world to watch matches between the biggest clubs in the world. 40% of young people are not interested in football because there are too many low-quality games. We have to adapt and football has to evolve. The Super League is not a closed league, every year 5 teams can join. We never asked PSG to join the Super League. The 15 founding clubs are the ones that matter the most in terms of entertainment. Others likes of Napoli, Roma will have a chance to be in the competition once every year, then let’s see what could happen in the super league is to save football and not just for the rich.

We have announced it now because we want to start with it next season. Clubs leaving because of the pressure? Not they have all already signed to be part of it.



I don’t understand the UEFA, but we do need to talk regarding the 5 open spots. Their new UCL format is unclear and will not save football, we need to think about the coming 20 years. The players will not be banned from the World Cup. I guarantee that they can be 100% certain of it. The UEFA has a new UCL format for 2024 but in 2024, the clubs would have been dead already. Ceferin's threats towards us? Very good It’s not normal that UEFA starts insulting people, they insulted Andrea Agnelli and that can not happen. I know what Lebron James is earning but not what the UEFA President is earning There is no transparency. If we can't find an agreement with UEFA, we will not back down. They can wait until 2024 to make some changes. We're not waiting for anyone because we need the Super League.

Source: El Chiringuito